August 23, 2022
At the Country Fair
Inspired by Chris Nesseth Five Days at the Fair photo essay, I went to the Bridgewater Country Fair last weekend, hoping to take some interesting photos.
Since moving to New Milford eighteen years ago, this was the third time I went to this fair. It's always in August when it's very hot and humid, with huge crowds and lines. I went alone, and by chance, I met some friends there.
At first, I felt pretty disappointed with the pictures I took, especially when looking at the Oregon State Fair pictures by Chris Nesseth. Some of his photos are provocative, and because of that, they are interesting; he said he felt surrounded by conspiracy theorists and reality avoiders, and I didn't see much of that at the fair I went to, and to make it worse, I felt intimated by the disapproving looks I got from some people, which didn't help me at all to just be myself and take the pictures I wanted to. Definitely, it's not easy to shoot street photography in suburban communities.
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