September 18, 2022
Road Trip
Last Saturday, we drove to Cape Cod to spend the weekend with my nephew, his girlfriend, my niece, and her best friend Carol. André and Gabriela live in Brazil, they stayed with his sister, Fabiana, who lives in Cambridge. Instead of them coming to Connecticut to be with us, we thought a better idea was to meet in Cape Cod and enjoy together the last days of summer. It was just for a couple of days but they were memorable. I took some pictures of our time together, but those photos are for another post.
On Monday, they went back to Cambridge and we drove to Ogunquit, Maine where we stayed for 5 days. Usually, we take a week's vacation after Labor day to avoid the summer crowds and we were surprised to see so many tourists visiting the area. One morning, we decided to beat the crowd and go on a road trip. Brady suggested driving to New Hampshire for a scenic view of the Isles of Shoals. It was a nice ride but a little disappointing, as the isles were too far away from the end destination point we got from Google.
Researching the area, we found out about a botanical garden just 30 minutes from where we were. Fuller Gardens is small and quaint, it's situated in a beautiful area close to the ocean, and we were the only visitors when we got there!
Unfortunately, the conservatory was closed, and I wasn't drawn to take photos of flowers, mainly beautiful roses and dahlias, but the unique garden statues nestled among lush greenery felt like an oasis of tranquility, and I felt joy for this day.
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