October 09, 2020
Let's talk about Cape Light
I am beyond grateful to my friends Lúcia and Mark who offered us their beach house in Cape Cod so my husband and I and my niece Fabiana could be together.
Not being able to see my family on the other side of the continent, and hugging friends, I feel fortunate to have a nice home to feel sheltered and safe during quarantine, but having a chance to travel close to home to a beautiful seaside town helped us relax and recharge, and most importantly, be together.
We returned restored, our minds at peace, and our souls content.
Every time I am in Cape Cod, Joel Meyerowitz's Cape Light - a serene and contemplative photography book of everyday scenes transformed by the stunning natural light of Cape Cod is in my mind. It is a captivating book, one that inspires me to pick up my camera every day, especially when in the Cape.
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