March 12, 2023
"Don't be upset because of evil men"
The strong afternoon sun left me blind when I was trying to focus and composed these images. They are not stand-alone pictures, but together they bring back memories of an afternoon when I fell in love with photography all over again.
I went to feed the birds before driving to Danbury and wandering with my camera. From the deck, I looked at my kitchen window and it looked so lovely with blooms of violets and orchids and the precious chicken curtain I brought from Brazil. A perfectly imperfect image.
That was the day I met Stephanie for the first time in downtown Danbury, and after saying goodbye and promising I would send her some pictures, I walked to my car. For the first time, I noticed a dead-end street by the church and decided to check it out. It was on that dead-end street that Stephanie's story made sense. A perfect ending to a joyful day.
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