January 25, 2022
Home as a place within myself
The theme of our next challenge at Home Photo Salon is Home, and the first thought that comes to mind, as corny as it sounds, is home is not a place, is a feeling.

Watching Laura Valenti's free e-course Sight + Insight I saw in her studio tour video I saw a framed mantra - I have arrived, I am home. Reflecting on these words and searching for answers, I realized that the images I want to create are about Home as a place within myself.

I can take beautiful photos of beautiful things & people, but I am struggling to create images that reflect the feeling that Home is a place within us, it is not somewhere outside ourselves to be found. 
I've been feeling overwhelmed by the thought that this struggle may be a reflection of where I am right now as a photographer.

When I read these words from Sean Tucker, they soften my heart, they reminded me that instead of feeling frustrated I should focus more on the joy of taking pictures.
"...by focussing on the only thing that was ever in your hands in the first place: doing the very best work you can for the sheer joy of it."
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