February 19, 2023
we had lunch at the Falls Village Cafe. It's a 50 minutes drive to Falls Village, but it's worthwhile. Falls Village Cafe has a stylish, minimal interior design that adds to the delicious menu, completed by an aroma of fresh coffee that fills the space and hits all the senses.
After lunch we drove back home taking detours, driving through unpaved roads, and driving through small towns. It is normal to see goats and other animal farms driving through rural Connecticut, but on a main street, it was the first time. As we drove through Salisbury, an expected gift,  we saw goats and chickens on a large fenced property.
I felt a feeling of excitement building and asked my husband to pull over. They are indeed marvelous creatures, one kept following me as I took these pictures. I wanted to pet them but it was an electrified fence, so I kept some distance.
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