February 13, 2022
Experimenting with Simplicity
Gathering Light's chapter two is about experimenting with simplicity. Create visually clean images by leaving out of the composition competing elements. Laura suggests we create diptychs and see what happens.
I chose these two images to pair for their color palette and visual coherency. They complement each other in a thoughtful way. It's interesting how we start seeing new meaning in two images that balance and reflect each other.
What made me put these two images together was their color palette and their cohesive mood. 
At first, seeing them together, I thought about dreams, about daydreaming. It took me back to when I was younger and I would lay down on the terrace on top of our home and daydream for hours. On a second look, I started getting a feeling of mystery, of haunted stories, gaudy even.
I found out that a helpful way to decide if two images connect to each other, and at the same time resonate with me, is to ask myself -  would I hang it on my walls?
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