December 18, 2021
The Meaning in the Making
It is interesting how time can change your relationship with an image when you look at it with fresh eyes. When you let go of perfection, when you let go of the idea you need validation from the likes of others for your photography to have value and meaning; only then you start to get a sense of absolute joy and fulfillment in making photography.
I have been reading The Meaning in the Making by Sean Tucker. I have been reading it slowly, mainly in the mornings, as a prayerful way to start my day. This book has taken me on a path to live a fulfilling creative life rather than worry about success and likes. 
"We make. And we hope that those who experience what we’ve made will feel the truth of what we’ve shared resonate and hum within them as well. We might not even be able to put clearly into neat, descriptive prose what we’ve shared, but that’s the beauty of art; it’s not a medium that requires certainty. " (page 10)
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