December 12, 2020
Challenge # 1 - Dreamlike
Every 5-6 weeks, members of the Close to Home Photo Salon will get a theme for a challenge to motivate and help photographers create something beautiful, and interesting. It's a way to help us focus and get inspired to keep shooting, practicing, and experimenting. 
The first challenge was called Dreamlike. The idea was to create new work that had a dreamlike feeling keeping it within the Close to Home theme. It was not an easy challenge, mainly because it was the first time I participated in a photo challenge, and I wasn't sure which direction to go.
I was driving on a misty and foggy afternoon when I drove by this cemetery. The quiet and soft mood of the fog and mist evoked an ethereal and wonderful atmosphere. I felt compelled to pull over and get inside and stroll around, breathing in the fresh air.
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