A Place to Belong
I started photographing my neighborhood in the summer of 2020 after reading about a contest NY photographer James Maher was running: take photos within 5 blocks of home. Before this contest, my photography was about my garden, portraits of loved ones, and crafts and food I made to post on my blog, which is now long gone; since then, photographing has changed for me, it is noticing that more than a hobby has become essential. 
Photography has helped me be aware of myself and my surroundings as if I am trying to find a home, a place I feel I belong, safe and protected. It's about mundane and unexpected things, people I love, and those unknown, nature and places. Everything that catches my eye and my heart, everything that stimulates a feeling.
I've been working on making this project into a photobook; I'm not sure it will ever be printed someday, as it keeps changing, I can't even decide on the title - A Place to Belong or A Place to Call Home? That's who I am: a person always in the making.
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