Five Blocks from Home - 2020
NYC photographer James Maher came up with an idea of a  contest to stimulate photographers to start shooting more. 5 Blocks from Home - a series of five photographs taken anywhere within a five-block distance from home, or in our home. The only guideline was not to take glamorized photographs but to capture the most interesting things we could find, or the most boring. It could be all houses or all people, or no people at all, or just pictures of lawn ornaments. 
I took many photos with different subjects, and for the contest I chose the ones that represented how Americans like to express themselves through their front house/yard, and to my surprise, my series got 3rd place.
I was in need of a project, I was caught in a creative rut and couldn't find my way away from it. This project helped bring my mind into frame and focus. It brought back the joy I feel when I am shooting photos, just being in the moment, appreciating the world around me, and concentrating on the whole process of taking photographs.
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