Capturing beauty in the ordinary moments

Like a song, taste or smell can bring back a certain memory, photography immediately take us back to a moment in time, bringing back emotions, relationships, connections; and a documentary-style family photography approach helps us realize how our perfectly imperfect life is, and was, filled with humor, love and tenderness - genuine moments of connection between people and their surroundings.

b&w mother and son portrait

Through a photographer’s lens precious moments can be frozen to be treasured for generations to come.

family documentary photography
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child crawling
b&w mother and son portrait

Scenes from a wedding

I absolutely love going to weddings, the excitement, the preparation, everybody looking at their best, and of course, a good party.

Last July, I shot my first wedding, mind you, at that time I didn’t have a business yet, so I was the unofficial family photographer. The wedding took place in the village of Aurora, NY at the beautiful Aurora Inn.


It was a great experience shooting that wedding. The setting was beautiful, the weather gorgeous, and I was able not only to capture beautiful shots on the wedding day but also I was there for the ceremony rehearsal and the bachelorette party.


I like telling stories through photographs, I like to show real human experiences in a beautiful way.

There are traditional fashionable wedding poses and these kind of shots are important when registering an event, people are expecting to get them, but there are other kind of shots, the ones that reach deeply into my heart, the kind of shots that are more about the uniqueness of the people involved. When people leave their guard down for a second revealing more of them than a posed shot itself ever will, honest moments are beautifully photographed.

How I started as a photographer

My story as a freelance photographer was not a lifelong love of taking pictures, it was not something I dreamed as I was growing up, it was much later in my life that photography became a visual / creative outlet to me - now it challenges me, it motivates me, and intrigues me.


I believe it all started with the excitement of reading those early blogs from some talented women and their stories about gardening, home decor, craft, food, and photography that made me want to be a part of it, and despite the fact I wasn’t sure I had something unique to offer to the blog world, I started a blog of my own at the end of 2010, and it was one of the best things I did to myself.

My first blog was in Portuguese, and it gave me the opportunity to reconnect to my Brazilian roots and to get to know amazing people. In the beginning, it was all about other bloggers' projects, but down the road I discover the joy of making & creating, the joy of taking photographs, and started blogging in a more personal way, so on January 2014 Molly Mell was born.

The passion for photography and the urge to learn it was so intense that in 2014 I went to England for my first food photography workshop, and it was such an amazing learning experience that in 2015 I went to Portugal to attend another one.

By the end of 2017, I gave up blogging completely to dedicate any free time I had (I was working full time) to learn as much as I could, not only about photography, but studying paintings and films to understand all the basic rules and subtle complexities that make a good photography, learning about hardware and softwares, and investing in photographic equipment, so it would help me hone my skills.

At the beginning, my photography was focusing on food, that’s when I learned the basic techniques, but soon I was shooting other styles - landscape, still life, travel, fine art, and slowly venturing into street photography, and I felt energized and inspired by the world around me, and it was then, shooting people with intention, that finally I understood how photography can tell stories.

Trying different genres of photography has helped immensely to improve my skills, and it’s relatively easy for me now to switch from one genre to another. My interests are varied and so is my photography, I keep shooting a lot of landscapes, still life, home decor, and any other subject that I love, I find it peaceful and relaxing, it’s a time I can simply follow my intuitions and experimenting new techniques, so why did I decided to go pro with lifestyle & documentary photography? Because it’s a privilege to capture emotions in people’s faces, the looks in their eyes, the deep level of connection, the spontaneity. To connect to people through their expressions and gestures, getting a glimpse into what they might be feeling is a powerful foundation for my photography.

Below are some of my first ‘shooting people with intention’ photographs.